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What questions are asked in the Call for Session ideas submission form?


Please see this page that offers a full overview of the submission form. 

When is the deadline to submit ideas?

Friday, February 10th, 11:59pm Pacific Time.

Do I need to submit my proposal all at once, or can I save and edit before submitting?


For best results, we recommend preparing your answers based on the questions and then submit in one sitting to reduce possible errors. However, the system is set up to allow you to save and come back. To do so, you’ll need to sign up for JotForm to save. Either set up an account before you begin, or when you click “Save” at the bottom of the page, you will be prompted to set up or login to your account. 


Who can submit ideas for the Call for Sessions?


There is no restriction on who can submit an idea. All ideas will be assessed for their alignment with the elements presented on the application landing page. Call for Session ideas inform the breakout sessions at the Unity Summit. They are the opportunity for PSOs, funders—amongst themselves and in dialog with community— and other players in the philanthropy landscape to contribute to the program. In contrast, Unity Summit mainstage plenary content is curated by CHANGE partners and features movement and community voices rather than funders.

What are the goals of the Unity Summit?


The 2023 Unity Summit goals are to: (1) Highlight how to integrate diversity, equity and inclusion towards liberation into philanthropic practice; (2) Amplify racially equitable philanthropic practices that address structural and institutional CHANGE; and (3) Magnify community priorities of CHANGE partners with an intersectional approach.


Are there themes for the 2023 Unity Summit?


The Unity Summit is a philanthropic convening that explores strategies for utilizing power to advance philanthropic equity. It aims to highlight the integration of diversity, inclusion, and social justice into philanthropic practice, amplify equitable philanthropic practices that address structural and institutional change, and magnify community priorities of our partners with an intersectional approach. Through this, the content is shaped. Historically, naming overarching themes has limited rather than enriched the program, so Unity Summit began operating without themes in 2019 and continues this way now. The focus areas of the Unity Summit are best understood through the criteria and elements shared on the Call for Sessions submission portal landing page.

How do sessions that are chosen fit into the 2023 Unity Summit?


Chosen sessions make up the “breakout” content, between main stage plenaries. Sessions are held concurrently with other sessions. In 2023, chosen sessions have the possibility of being shared virtually or in person.


Who are the participants of the Unity Summit?


The Unity Summit is open to all. The conference brings together the communities and members of the ten CHANGE partner organizations—Asian American Pacific Islanders in Philanthropy, ABFE, Emerging Practitioners in Philanthropy, Funders for LGBTQ Issues, Hispanics in Philanthropy, Native Americans in Philanthropy, Neighborhood Funders Group, National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy, Philanthropic Initiative for Racial Equity, and Women’s Funding Network—and collaborators in the work. It is predominantly a space for philanthropic professionals and those interested in progressing the sector - including non-profit professionals, board members, researchers, community and movement leaders, artists, consultants, and more.

What criteria will be used to review and consider session ideas?


Alignment with the goals,focus areas, key issue areas, location, aims for diverse formats & speaker representation. You can review a full list of those elements on the landing page for the Call For Sessions submissions.


What does an ideal session submission include?

Please submit a completed submission form, with as much details about your proposed or confirmed speakers and desired format for your session, as possible. Beyond full completion of the form, there is no ideal standard.

How were the goals, key issues and focus area categories created?

The Planning Committee of the Unity Summit is composed of members from all ten CHANGE partner staff as nominated by their organizations, as well as CHANGE Philanthropy staff and our Event Team. This group co-creates the entirety of the Unity Summit, including the Call for Sessions criteria, through facilitated co-design processes.

What if our session doesn’t perfectly align with the format options listed?


Please select which are best fit for your idea, to the best of your ability. You are welcome to share additional notes or format details in the final question of the form, to provide more clarity on your full vision. 


What if I don’t know my speakers yet?

Please share a proposed set of speakers that reflect folks likely to work with you, and who represent ideal panelists or co-presenters for the session. As much as you’re able, please share key qualities of the speakers you hope to work with (e.g. lived experience, roles, community affiliations, organizations, etc.) as well as specific possible speakers.

Could our session include virtual speakers alongside an in person session?


No, all sessions will be presented in uniform format—meaning in person sessions must have all speakers present in person, and virtual sessions must have all speakers present virtually. This allows for the best possible experience for the session participants and speakers alike, given logistical constraints.

What if I do not yet know my speakers’ availability to present in person vs. virtual?


Please indicate as much if this is the case, and share what your preferred format is. If additional information is available, please share in the form.

How will virtual sessions be presented?


On a live virtual stream like Zoom (technical details to be coordinated with session leaders and speakers closer to the event).

Can sessions be edited after selection?


Sessions should reflect the general intent and thrust of the proposed idea in their final presentation. If your idea is selected for the 2023 Unity Summit, we will work with you to finalize the session before it goes live in October. In select occasions where two chosen submissions are very alike, you may be invited to consider collaboration or combining your sessions. We expect light evolution and minor adjustments will be likely for many sessions.

How do I know if my submission was received?


Following your submission, you will be directed to a webpage that confirms receipt of your submission. In addition, you will also receive an email confirmation that includes a copy of your application answers.

Who will review the session ideas?


The 2023 Unity Summit Planning Committee will review session ideas and determine the final selections. The Planning Committee is composed of members from all ten CHANGE partner staff as nominated by their organizations, as well as CHANGE Philanthropy staff and our Event Team. This group co-creates the entirety of the Unity Summit, including the Call for Sessions criteria, through facilitated co-design processes.

How many sessions will be chosen?


We are in the process of finalizing this number. There is not a set limit at this point.

How will I know if my session is chosen or not?


You will be contacted in April or before to learn the status of your session after consideration by the Planning Committee.

What is the speaker registration fee for the 2023 Unity Summit?


We project that the speaker registration rate will be 50% of the regular registration rate. Registration will open in early Summer with exact details, and we will update this question on the FAQ as more detail is confirmed. 


Why do speakers need to pay to present at the Unity Summit?


Speakers are asked to pay the lowest registration fee for the Unity Summit to honor the work they have provided into the program, however are still asked to pay to register for the event to support coverage of costs of attendance and production. In 2023, we are piloting an opportunity for funding organizations that present breakout sessions to proactively support the fees and costs for speakers. Scholarship and other opportunities to offset cost will be communicated through the Unity Summit emails.  Sign up here if you are not already receiving the messages. 


What funding options are available to support participation?


Registration is available at a discounted rate for those who register in the early bird period, who are members of any CHANGE partner organization, and for speakers. Additionally, select scholarships will be provided. All options will be communicated through the Unity Summit e-communications. Sign up here if you are not already receiving the messages. 


When do scholarships and registration go live?


Slated for early summer 2023.


Will the Call for Session ideas submission deadline be extended?


No. Given the large number of submissions received within the 30-day window in past years, we do not anticipate the ability to extend the deadline. 


When will we know if our session was selected?


By April 2023. 


Where can I share my additional questions?


If your questions are about the form or any technical website issues with the Call for Sessions submission site, please contact If your questions are more focused on content, please email CHANGE is not able to review or provide feedback on session ideas outside of the review process for fully submitted sessions. Please consult the landing page overview of criteria for consideration and elements of the sessions that we seek alignment around to support your design process. All ideas must be submitted for consideration. 

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