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What goes into a submission?

Please see the portal for exact language and note you can access all questions in the portal without having to submit, and can save incomplete versions of submissions until you are ready to submit.

This page is a a resource that the gist of what you will be asked to respond to in the Call for Session Ideas submission portal. Most questions are simple text requests, multiple choice or check boxes. For reference below, the questions marked with ** and a character or word count indicate questions that require significant content submission.

There may be slight differences in the wording; these questions are just a guide to support prep.

Information about your session’s Primary Point-of-Contact





Organization Address

Email Address

Phone Number


Primary Point-of-Contact’s Organization’s Information

What is your organization type?

Where is your work focused?

Which CHANGE Philanthropy Partner organizations is your organization a member of?
Does your organization have an explicit and publicly stated commitment to racial equity?
What is your organization's operating budget?

Session Idea Information (across two pages)

**What is your proposed session title? (100 characters max)

If your Session Idea had a hashtag, what would it be?
**Please share your session idea (200 words max)

**What are 1-3 learning objectives for the session? (100 words max per objective)
Which session formats do you propose for your session idea? (see more information on session formats below)

What organizational roles are the ideal audience for this session?
What level of practitioner experience is your session idea best designed to engage?
Which of the 2021 Unity Summit goals does your session idea align to? (see goals below)
Which of the core focus areas for the 2021 Unity Summit best fits your session focus? (see more information below)
How does your idea relate to the Unity Summit goals and focus?
**What makes your idea particularly relevant at this moment in time? (100 word max)
**Which community voices or experiences will be centered within your session’s design? (100 characters max)
**How will your session idea demonstrate intersectionality? (100 word max)
What regional level of focus best fits the scope of your session idea?
Does your session highlight perspectives from the Midwest United States region?
Are there practical resources, tools, reports, or research to support your idea?

Anything else you want to share with the organizers?


Information about Speakers

Please upload the speaker information sheet if you have confirmed your speakers -
Share more about your intended speakers if you are still in development -
Please share more about the range of experience and identities of your speakers -

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