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Unity Summit

Inclusion & Access Efforts

CHANGE Philanthropy, in partnership with our coalition partners, is transforming philanthropy from within by building knowledge, fostering diversity, and creating connections through advocacy with an intersectional approach. The Unity Summit was created to increase those connections and build knowledge across the sector; we are proud it has become one of the largest and most diverse gatherings in philanthropy. This beautiful and powerful convening of philanthrofolk (philanthropic activists and allies advancing equity)  represented by diverse races, ethnicities, national origins, dis/abilities, genders, sexual orientations, ages, and religions make up our community at  2019 Unity Summit.


The Unity Summit ascribes and aspires to radical hospitality through an equity-centered, social justice lens. Along with our logistics planning partner, Events by Lady K, we are striving to create an event where all attendees feel welcomed, celebrated, and included when they enter a space. Together, our teams have been working diligently to infuse accessibility into the Unity Summit throughout all levels of planning.


The Unity Summit strives to create an inclusive environment for the time we spend together. We are committed to integrating language translation and mobility access for all attending and this year the Unity Summit is highlighting gender inclusion and accessibility as an integrated practice throughout the event. 

Special thank you to the Ford Foundation for their generous support, enabling our extended access support this year! to extend our access support this year!

Language Translation & Access

The 2019 Unity Summit seeks to address language and access barriers for all attendees. 

The following items are available and embedded into the Unity Summit:

  • Programs with large print will be available at the Hospitality Station on Level 4.

  • Real-Time Closed Captioning will take place during all Plenary sessions in the main ballroom.


The following are available, with prior request during the registration process:

  • ASL (American Sign Language) Interpretation

  • Assisted Listening devices

  • Simultaneous language translation devices & interpreters

  • Spanish, Somali, Hmong, or other language interpretation


As a reminder, if you are speaking to someone using an interpreter, direct your focus to the individual, not the interpreter!

Mobility Access

The 2019 Unity Summit seeks to address mobility barriers for all attendees. 

The following items are available and embedded into the Unity Summit:

  • Wheelchairs and motorized scooters will be available for those who requested them during their registration process.  For additional inquiries or accommodation requests, please email to let us know how we can be helpful in making your experience excellent!

  • We will designate d tables in the plenary for wheelchairs and individuals with mobility-assisting devices (canes, walkers, crutches, etc).

For all attendees, please be aware of your surroundings as you move throughout the space! Do your best to not congregate or clog entrances or exits, and to hold doors open for those coming behind you (especially heavy ones!).  Leave room for people to get around you.

Gender Inclusion

The 2019 Unity Summit strives to be all gender inclusive. 

The following items are available and embedded into the Unity Summit:

  • Pronoun Buttons: Using these buttons helps to remove assumptions on how you – and other attendees – like to be referred to in conversation. Having everyone wear buttons also increases awareness around the assumptions we make, and normalizes the practice within a group and community to not simply place the burden of disclosure or erasure on transgender, nonbinary, and genderfluid individuals.

  • Pronoun buttons will be available at our Registration Tables, as well as at the Hospitality Station throughout the conference.  Please choose the button or buttons that best represent your pronouns.

Gender Inclusive Restrooms

The 2019 Unity Summit strives to be all gender inclusive. 

At the 2019 Unity Summit, we will host Gender Inclusive( All-Gender, Gender Inclusive, or Gender Neutral) Restrooms which are multi-stall restrooms are designated to be for ANYONE!

Transgender, nonbinary, and gender non-conforming people regularly experience unwanted attention in the bathroom on whether or not they are in the “correct” restroom.  Gender neutral restrooms support an environment where EVERYONE can use the bathroom without being politicized, policed, or critiqued regarding their gender expression. 

We also know that gender neutral restrooms, be it single-stall-lockable or multi-stall, ease the burden for a wide array of people!  For people with disabilities who have a different-gender caregiver; for parents with different-gender children; for adults assisting different-gender family member or friends.

If you’re traveling outside of the hotel and are seeking a gender neutral restroom, check out REFUGE Restrooms (app download) to find one near you.

Village Model: Family Inclusion

The 2019 Unity seeks to be a village within itself. 

We encourage attendees with children to bring them into the community as they are comfortable. Children under the age of three are welcome to be with you throughout the Unity Summit. 

We also appreciate the desire for focus. We will provide childcare drop in opportunities. Staffed and provided by, secure childcare will be provided for those who request. Please sign-up during your registration process, or email to learn more, 

We encourage attendees to feed their children as they choose. Feel free to breastfeed in space with us or in our dedicated nursing space. A private, lockable room with a sink inside is available upon request. It will be equipped with a table, a comfortable chair, and mini-fridge for parents needing to nurse or pump. Sign-up at the Hospitality Station on Level 4.  We are intentionally not referring to this as a Mothers Room, as we understand that not all people who nurse identify as mothers, or women.

Unplug or Amp Up

The 2019 Unity Summit strives to be a space for self care. Self care means a wide range of things to people. Some need absolute quiet in a dark space to meditate; others want to move their bodies to loud music.  So at UNITY Summit, we are creating both kinds of spaces!

The following items are available and embedded into the Unity Summit:

Relax & Rest Space:  Located on Level #, this room will be stocked with earplugs, comfy chairs, cots, and reflection prompts for those who need a minute to themselves. This room will also have dedicated time available for Spiritual Practice or Prayer. 

Play & Slay Space: Located on Lobby Level, this room will contain numerous options to get creative, get moving, and get sh*t done!  There will be areas to craft and color, make buttons, and other art fun! There will also be a few jump ropes (Double Dutch, anyone?!), hula hoops, and other movement-based props, in addition to just large spaces to dance, stretch, or move around. This room will also have dedicated time  available for dance and movement.

Meeting  Spaces

UNITY Summit is creating several spaces designed for meeting additional needs throughout the conference.

Shared Working Space: Meeting tables and discussion nooks will be available throughout the Unity Summit meeting space.


Private Meeting Rooms: These meeting rooms are reservable for small group meetings for meetings (ideal for private conversations, to avoid noisy spaces, and for those seeking an alcohol-free space).  Sign-up at the Hospitality Station on Level 4.

Transportation Access

UNITY Summit will be providing fully accessible transportation to and from the Welcome Reception on Tuesday.  A continuous shuttle, equipped for wheelchairs, will be running between the Westin and reception location. 

Tickets for the Monorail will also be available at registration & the Hospitality Station.

Dietary Needs & Accommodations

UNITY Summit has been intentional at building meals that will meet the dietary needs and restrictions. 

We will have options that will support the following dietary: Vegetarian, Vegan, Pescatarian, Dairy-Free, Gluten-Free. We have also noted all the allergies shared. 

Safety Plans

UNITY Summit developed safety plans to address a variety of safety concerns including: 

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