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As we come together, we hope to welcome your whole self to the space, as you choose to show up. Our aim is to host in a way that we can all co-exist and co-create a welcoming space across our rich diversity and intersectional lived experiences. All the agreements apply to both in person sessions and the online virtual experience.


We ask that you please:

  • Come in a spirit of curiosity over judgment;

  • Speak from your experience, and listen to the experiences of others;

  • Take responsibility for your actions and your learning;

  • Respect differences;

  • Be mindful of power dynamics;

  • Communicate needs or accommodations you require to the hospitality team at registration;

  • Not repeat any action, behavior, or language that a moderator has asked you to discontinue. 


We will NOT tolerate:

  • Racism, sexism, transphobia, ableism, homophobia, fatphobia, hate or violence

  • Denial that racism or other oppressions exist

  • Hurtful, shaming or disparaging comments, name calling, heckling or trolling

  • Posting images or videos of violence, trauma or other graphic content


Support we can offer:

The registration desk is a hub for support and hospitality at the 2023 Unity Summit. Please come to the registration area on the 2nd Floor of the Westin, or connect with us virtually by emailing to seek supports not yet provided, or name issues that need to be addressed.


  • If you experience harm and want to report it anonymously or with your name and request for action, please either complete this form or stop by the registration/hospitality desk to discuss. 

  • While attending virtual breakout sessions, you can send a Direct Message to the session moderator to share any issues while live in the session.

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