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We have designed the event with reflection on your requested accommodations to include:

  • Closed captioning will be available on all plenary mainstage and virtual breakout sessions. If you need captioning outside of this, we encourage you to download a captioning app on your mobile device. Recommendations include free apps like iTranscribe, VoiceNotes, Live Transcribe & Notification (Android), Transcribe (Apple) or Voice-to-Text via a Document App, or other paid apps of your choice.

  • Microphones will be used to amplify sound during mainstage content, within breakout sessions, and during any programming at the receptions.

  • Language Translation for Spanish to English and English to Spanish will be available for all mainstage content and select breakout sessions. Please reference the session descriptions for these resources. If you requested a translator during registration, you will be contacted directly with instructions.

  • Large Print copies of the agenda and content descriptions are available upon special request at the reception/hospitality desk if the content in the Whova app is inaccessible.

  • A low-sensory room to watch the mainstage content is available in Beverly (Level 2), near the California Ballroom. Capacity is limited to 60 seats.

  • Dietary needs noted on registration influenced all the menu choices throughout the event. While there should be something for everyone at each meal/snack - please review the ingredient lists on display to ensure your specific allergens are not listed before enjoying. We ask that you refrain from bringing outside food into conference spaces - especially ground nuts (peanuts) and shellfish as these commonly have severe allergic reactions via exposure even without ingestion.

  • A Lactation Room is available on Level 2 via sign up at the hospitality desk. This room will have 4 private partitioned spaces with power, a mini-fridge, label supplies, and drinking water station.

  • Children & Child Care: We kindly ask that children and guests do not attend plenaries, breakout sessions, or meals. Due to limited capacity and resources and in our effort to support the fullest engagement of all attendees, all formal programming such as plenaries, breakout sessions, and meals are for registered attendees only. Childcare will not be provided by the Unity Summit. A list of local childcare providers can be requested at the hospitality/registration desk. Revisit the children & guest policy.


  • Getting AroundPlease leave time to move from space to space, as the Westin is large and the flow can take some getting used to. Please see the maps in the Resources | Logistics or by clicking on the location in any session or visual guides, find a volunteer, or ask for help at registration/hospitality as needed.


  • General Elevators DO NOT reach all event floors - only Lobby Level & Level 3. The four color-coded towers that go to guest rooms only reach Level 3 & Lobby Level event spaces. Folks should take the escalators or ADA Elevators to reach Level 2 and Level 4 (Pool Deck).

  • Escalators reach all event floors. Find the escalator on the Figueroa St. side of the building, near the gift shop on the lobby level.

  • ADA Elevators reach all event floors and are available to those working with wheeled devices and mobility tools to move around. One is located near the Green Tower, to the left of the hotel check in desk on the lobby level. A second is available with special request, and located next to the hotel restaurant on the lobby level and behind registration for the Unity Summit on the 2nd level. Please speak to folks at registration or email to request access and support with this elevator.

  • Seating is provided within - and between - all programming spaces and aims to be accessible to a variety of bodies and their needs. If you need different seating than is offered in space, please contact our hospitality desk for options.

  • Accessible shuttles will be available for those attending the Block Party and the Community Learning Exchanges.


  • Restrooms are available throughout our venue

    • Restrooms with accessible stalls are located on every level.

    • Multi-stall all-gender restrooms are located on Level 2 and Level 3. 

    • Multi-stall gendered men’s & women’s restrooms are available on the Lobby Level. 

    • Lotas will be provided in all restrooms. 


  • The Play & Slay Room is available in Mt. Washington Room (Level 2), and is open the same timeframe as registration. This space offers room to twirl, move your bodies, craft and create, be loud, be silly, and have fun!

  • A Quiet Space is available in Rodeo (Level 2), equipped with some noise-canceling headphones, meditative activities, and small tables to journal and unplug.  We ask that folks refrain from conversation and noise-making in this room. 


  • Outdoor Access. The rooftop pool deck on Level 4 is available for you to go outside for fresh air. Distanced spaces and seating are available. You can also go outside toward Flower Street from the Lobby Level, or from Figueroa Street from Level 2 (please note reentry from Figueroa entrance is not available without a hotel room key).

  • A dedicated Prayer Space is available in Silver Lake (Level 2).

  • Three Private Meeting Rooms are available to reserve at the hospitality desk. These are intended for one-on-one or small group spaces where you want to have a private conversation, and to offer alternative spaces to meetings in a bar, public lobby space, or someone’s hotel room.


If you are looking for additional support around your needs, our hospitality desk in the registration area on the 2nd floor can assist with exploring what options are onsite and feasible to enhance your experience at the Unity Summit. You can also email questions to with the subject line “Accommodation Request”.

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