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Session types

Within the submission form you will be asked to select up to three formats as possibilties for your session.

Movement-Building Strategy Session: Strategy session designed to take a deep-dive on cross-cutting strategies to shape structural, institutional, equitable practices and policies in philanthropy for a more inclusive and just society. Strategy sessions should include 3 or more diverse perspectives, approaches or organizations.

Practitioner Rap Session: Dialog about Summit Key Issue Areas, facilitated and led by community experts in dialog with funders to highlight philanthropic practice (internal and/or external per focus areas). Session aimed at exploring shared interests, opportunities, issues and concerns. Should include 3 or more perspectives, approaches or organizations.

Leadership Studio: Skill-building leadership studio session designed to build and share knowledge. A Leadership Studio connects participants with leaders and activists in philanthropy through the shared professional insights, personal stories, behind-the-scenes perspectives and transformational leadership tools. Should include 2 or more diverse perspectives, approaches or pathways.

Equity Examinations Workshop: Workshop session designed to focus on approaches and case studies of equity practice integration. Engage attendees by workshopping interactive practices and real life applications. Should include 2 or more diverse perspectives, approaches or strategies.

Healing & Liberation Practice: Immersive into healing and liberation practices through demonstration and/or discussion of practice-based holistic approaches to support healing and liberation cultures and climates in organizations.

Spark Talk: Mini session offering perspectives on pressing-equity issues from thought-leaders and emerging leader voices.

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