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  • How do I register?


In person registration is sold out, but you can register to join the 2023 Unity Summit virtually until sales end on October 15th. Go to the Registration site and follow the instructions there. Please note the information on the purple, left hand side of the screen.

  • I registered but am unable to attend. How do I transfer my registration to another colleague?


If you register but are unable to attend, you may designate another attendee within your organization to take your place at no additional charge. All substitution requests must be submitted by the original attendee via email to On-site substitutions may be made provided the substituting attendee provides a written request from the original attendee. Any registration edits or transfers must be completed by October 11, 2023.

  • Can I cancel my registration? 


All cancellation requests must be made by sending an email to If you cancel your registration on or before September 14, 2023, you will receive a full refund of your registration fee. minus a $50 processing fee. If you cancel your registration between September 14 and September 28, 50 % will be refunded. All refunds will be sent 30 days after the conclusion of the conference. After September 28, no refunds will be provided.


  • How do I switch my in person registration to virtual?


We are able to help you transition your in person registration to a virtual registration. Before September 28, the cost difference will be refunded in full. Between September 28 and October 11, 50% of the difference will be refunded. After October 11, no refunds will be granted. To switch to virtual, please email to with your request.

  • Can I bring guests who are not registered attendees of the Unity Summit to receptions, Unity Summit programming or meals?


If you submitted your guest requests this summer following our mailing about guests and children at the Unity Summit, you should have received a confirmation via email. At this time, we are not able to approve additional guest spots at the receptions or within the 2023 Unity Summit spaces. 

  • Are children welcome at the 2023 Unity Summit? 


As part of the Unity Summit’s ongoing commitment to inclusion, we are working to make this event as accessible as possible to all participants, including those traveling with children. Due to limited capacity and resources and in our effort to support the fullest engagement of all attendees and to minimize the chances of disruptions, all formal programming such as plenaries, breakout sessions, and meals are for registered attendees only. We kindly ask that children and guests do not attend plenaries, breakout sessions, or meals.  


While the Unity Summit is unable to provide group childcare, we invite you to share your interest in child care resources as you register. We will share a list of local childcare providers with anyone who indicates interest in registration, and include the resources in the app. You can choose to engage these child care providers or find your own. 


View our full policy on children and guests at the 2023 Unity Summit.

  • How do I change or add details to my registration? 


Please email to inquire. If your question is not answered here, please email with your questions and we will do our best to respond promptly.

  • How do I sign up for a CHANGE Partner pre-event?


If you have received a confirmation email, you are set to attend the CHANGE partner pre-event you have chosen through that process and will have access to join on October 16th. There are no virtual pre-events. Unfortunately, at this time there are no additional spots in CHANGE Partner Pre-events. We hope you will connect with folks informally and get a chance to experience Los Angeles.

  • What is the difference between in person and virtual attendance?


In person participants will have access to the full set of in person elements hosted at the Westin Bonaventure, and offsite in community spaces. In person attendees will also have access to all online elements, including virtual breakout sessions. Reception spaces, at the Westin on 10/16 and at La Plaza de Cultura y Artes on 10/17, are only available to in person registrants. All in person participants will commit to the community care practices outlined here as part of registration.

Virtual participants will have access to the livestreamed plenaries and all virtually hosted breakout sessions, as well as the NCRP Impact Awards. Virtual participants will have the opportunity to connect with other attendees through the app and online experience. Virtual participants will not have access to reception or offsites. 

  • Where can I learn more about the conference program and speakers?


Registered attendees can access all program details in the Whova app when it goes live September 27. Information about the program for those not attending will be shared in recaps publicly after the event.

  • How is CHANGE centering the local community at the conference?


We have convened a Local Advisory Group to guide us in centering and uplifting the history, culture, and lived experiences of local communities. You can learn more about the Local Advisory Group and other efforts we are taking to center the local community in our local context statement.

*We are guests on this land. Please join us and contribute financially to native indigenous communities. ​​We invite all attendees to join us in donating "acknowledgerent" to the Fernandeño Tataviam Band of Mission Indians and giving to the Tongva Taraxat Paxaavxa Conservancy. CHANGE Philanthropy has donated to multiple local indigenous communities in land tax/honor tax as guests on the land originally and still inhabited and cared for by the Tongva, Tataviam, Serrano, Kizh, and Chumash Peoples.

  • What is an unconference block and how can I organize within it?


Unconference spaces are provided to host critical conversations & organizing opportunities that emerge on site, or have come up since the program was set. 


Unconference blocks are available during Breakout Session timeblocks and Tuesday morning between the first two plenaries. Please review the sessions called “Unconference - Organize on site” in these times on the app to learn more about how to nominate or upvote topics for unconference gathering. 

  • How do I get a copy of the attendee list?


All attendees who have given consent to be listed for the full 2023 Unity Summit community are visible in the Whova App. Please download the app and review the attendees there. A separate attendee list will not be provided.

  • How can I organize a reception alongside the Unity Summit?


Please gather informally as you would like, or schedule an event with a venue beyond the hotel if you want to gather folks for a special event alongside the Unity Summit. We recommend consulting the schedule or program details in the Whova app to reduce conflicts.

  • I am speaking at the Unity Summit, what do I need to do?


Thank you for your contribution to the 2023 Unity Summit! You will receive an email week of October 2nd with detailed preparation notes and instructions. Please consult those emails and let us know if you have unanswered questions that remain.

  • What is the dress code?


Our sartorial guidelines encourage you to wear the clothes that honor your identities and/or affiliations, and allow you to be your whole self at the Unity Summit. This could range from business casual to traditional/cultural clothing, fun and relaxed, to formal and full of flare. Please dress so you are comfortable, able to express yourself, and can participate as *you* would like. The conference space is large, so comfortable shoes or tools you need to move around are recommended. The hotel climate can range from hot to cool, so bringing layers to help manage your comfort may be best.

  • I’m attending for the first time, how can I prepare or plan for the experience?


We are excited to have you join us! Please closely review the Whova App and offerings there, to help you plan your event and get acquainted with the vibe and options for how you can build your agenda and experience online. You’re welcome to join the First Timers Gathering on Tuesday, October 18th from 11:45-12:15 to meet more folks in the same position. When you register, you can grab a ribbon to share publicly that it’s your first time, and help us celebrate and welcome you more easily as we move through the space together. 

  • I’m commuting. What are the parking offerings? 


Valet Parking is offered through the hotel, which is available to the public and all conference attendees. Their Hourly Rate (up to 2.5 hrs) is $15/hr. The Daily Rate (over 2.5 hrs) is $49. And, Overnight Parking Rate is $38 *special conference rate. Self-Parking is offered off-site at nearby ramps, not connected to the hotel. Rates vary.

  • What do I do if I need support on site?


Please check out the Whova App - Resources > Logistics section for a wide overview of supports and tools. If you are looking for additional support around your needs, our hospitality desk in the registration area on the 2nd floor can assist with exploring what options are onsite and feasible to enhance your experience at the Unity Summit. You can also email questions to with the subject line “Accommodation Request”.

  • What are the required COVID prevention protocols?


Please review our statement on Community Care and our COVID practices. All attendees are required to take a COVID test and demonstrate a negative status at registration on the day you arrive to access the 2023 Unity Summit. Masks are encouraged, but not required. 

  • What should you do if you test positive for COVID-19 or feel unwell during the event?

  1. If you are staying at our hotel(s), please stay in your room. If you are a local, please stay home. 

  2. Notify us immediately by emailing with subject line “Feeling Unwell” and when you started feeling unwell and/or tested positive. Our event staff will follow up with detailed instructions. Your personal information will be kept confidential.

  3. If you haven’t already, please take a COVID rapid test (provided at registration) as soon as possible and let us know the results for our record.

  4. If the test is negative, but you are symptomatic, we recommend you return home as soon as possible. You are welcome to stay in your hotel for the duration of the conference but are responsible for your own meals and any hotel charges extending beyond the conference. You can still attend the event virtually, as energy allows.

If the test is positive, we recommend you return home as soon as possible and begin your quarantine. If symptoms progress, please contact your medical provider. You are welcome to stay in your hotel for the duration of the conference but must quarantine and are responsible for your own meals and any hotel charges extending beyond the conference. You can still attend the event virtually, as energy allows.

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