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About the 2023 Unity Summit Program 


The Unity Summit explores strategies for utilizing power to advance philanthropic equity, with emphasis on how philanthropic institutions and individuals working in philanthropy can shift their practice. Across various session types and formats, we explore shifts in internal organizational practice that consider organizational climate and culture as well as realizing intersectional racial equity within philanthropic organizations; and external practice that examine use of capital, ways of engaging with accountability to community, and methods for leveraging collective power. 


Our Goals

  1. Highlight how to integrate diversity, equity and inclusion towards liberation into philanthropic practice. 

  2. Amplify racially equitable philanthropic practices that address structural and institutional change.

  3. Magnify our partners' community priorities with an intersectional approach.


Centering Community


Each Unity Summit strives to build connections between funders and communities. Rather than creating space for funders to speak for, about, or to communities, we pass the mic to community organizers and leaders so that they can lift up their own priorities, needs, and experiences. Consequently, we strive to curate a program that honors the full spectrum of issues facing our communities in the current moment as opposed to selecting an event theme. 


The 2023 Unity Summit will take place in Los Angeles, CA. Visit our local context page to learn more about how the event will lift up the experiences of California-based movements, organizations, and leaders.


Key Issue Areas:


  • Abolition

  • Ageism

  • Asian American Power & Justice

  • BIPOC Solidarity 

  • Black Liberation

  • Black Social Change

  • Climate Justice

  • Cross-Sector Collaborations

  • Disability Justice

  • Disability Inclusion

  • Economic Justice

  • Education Equity

  • Food Sovereignty / Food Justice

  • Gender Justice

  • Immigrant & Refugee Rights

  • Indigenous Rights

  • Investment Strategies

  • Intersectional Solidarity

  • Health Equity

  • Healing Justice

  • LandBack

  • Latinx Power

  • Leadership Development

  • LGBQ Liberation & Justice

  • Liberatory Leadership

  • Migrant Justice, / Pro-Immigrant and/or Pro-Refugee Movement

  • Multiracial Democracy

  • Multigenerational movements

  • Native American Visibility 

  • Native Hawaiian and Pasifika Sovereignty 

  • Narrative Change

  • Organizational Cultures of Belonging

  • Participatory Grantmaking

  • Police Accountability & Decriminalization of Communities

  • Power Building

  • Public/Private Partnerships

  • Racial Equity

  • Racial Justice

  • Reparations

  • Reproductive Justice

  • Rest

  • Rural Organizing

  • Trans Liberation

  • Transformative and/or Restorative Justice

  • Tribal Sovereignty

  • Wellness

  • Youth Organizing


Breakout Session Types:


In addition to plenary panels and performances, the 2023 Unity Summit will feature more than 60 live, in-person breakout sessions. Breakout sessions are smaller, more intimate conversations and presentations focusing on a discrete set of issues or intersections. Below is an overview of breakout session types:


  • Movement-Building Strategy Sessions are designed to take a deep-dive on expert cross­ cutting strategies to shape structural, institutional, equitable practices and policies in philanthropy for a more inclusive and just society. 

  • Practitioner Rap Sessions are dialogues and conversations about Summit Key Issue Areas facilitated and led by community experts with shared interest, opportunities, issues, and concerns.

  • Leadership Studios are skill-building sessions designed for learning and connecting with leaders and activists in philanthropy who share professional insights, personal stories, behind-the-scenes perspectives, and transformational leadership tools to build and share knowledge. 

  • ​Equity Examinations are designed to go deeper on approaches and case studies of integrating equity practices. These workshops engage attendees with interactive practices and real-life applications.

  • Healing and Liberation Practices explore practice-based discussions on holistic efforts and approaches that support healing and liberation cultures and climates.

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